Let's Talk About Cotton Clothes

Speaking of clothing, cotton is arguably the most common, preferred, and the widespread material incorporated to manufacture essential clothing for all. The natural material is derived from cotton fibers that are all-natural hollow fibers with soft, cool, and breathable features and are highly absorbent. The reason why cotton clothing is so popular is that these clothes can withstand wear and tear, high temperatures, and are highly durable. This material grows around a protective case surrounding the seeds of the cotton plant. However, cotton is prone to wrinkles, and blending it with other popular clothing materials like polyester, linen, and nylon helps achieve a better finish and the optimum properties of each fiber.

Caring for the Environment

Cotton is the quintessential clothing material due to the myriad benefits it offers. Cotton benefits the environment in numerous ways since it’s the only material that is sustainable, renewable, and is also biodegradable. This makes cotton a natural, environmental-friendly fiber unlike other petroleum-based materials, and comes from non-renewable resources. Cotton consumes the least amount of energy and fuel and also consumes a negligible amount of carbon. It’s naturally grown in the Earth, and the entire process involves chemical-free production. There’s no need to use excessive fertilizers that are known to damage the environment. In turn, cotton clothing helps preserve wildlife and helps keep the atmosphere clean. It helps produce fresh air and healthy oxygen to sustain life on the planet.

Your Skin Matters

Cotton is a natural material without chemical retentions and breathes. This means cotton clothing allows your skin to breathe, thereby avoiding common skin issues like itching, irritation, or the unpleasant effects of clinging to your body. Hence, cotton apparel keeps your body cool with regulated temperature. Another benefit of wearing cotton is, you’re less prone to get stinky. Body odours tend to stick to artificial materials like polyester and nylon even after washing. However, cotton releases all odorous substances easily with a simple wash. No more skin allergies, unpleasant rashes, and chemical sensitivity.

The Takeaway

The fact that cotton clothes are highly durable and retain their shape makes cotton a preferred clothing material worldwide. Polyester and spandex are materials that add too much stretch to your clothing and they increase the chances of your clothes sagging, stretching out of shape, and other maintenance issues. Cotton is the world’s largest natural fiber that accounts for manufacturing over 9 billion tees and over 6 billion pairs of denim. That’s only the tip of the iceberg, and wearing cotton clothing is a way to become a more responsible citizen of the world since you’re helping promote a sustainable environment that is healthier for all.